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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Some secrets of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been a success and is poised to become the game of the year, but of the decade, is something that is clear. So Nintendo has wanted to make a staggered release (first New Zealand, Australia and the US) will unfold after the other countries, by the way, is now available in Spain. But beyond success may have had Pokemon Go, the community has to work and wanted to discover the secrets of Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon community, which is not small precisely, has been put to work and wanted to get all the secrets of Nintendo game. As so many people watching and researching the game, we see in a few days they have brought many interesting findings.


Let's summarize what the community believed discover almost first glance.

  • There are 151 pokemon in the apk, corresponding with all the pokemon the first game, Pokémon Red / Blue, also known as Gen I. So are all the Pokemon that most people know, even those with long without playing any installment of the series or even if you have not played and have children age do or watch the series.
  • Pokemon are divided into Normal, Mythical Legend and, in the same way as in the games we've ever seen. That means that finding legendary and mythical is particularly difficult. So far no one has caught a Legendary Pokemon, much less mythical. Legendary possibly being saved for special events. Someone thought of Pokemon Go sponsored events.
  • There are 232 moves in the game, of which 95 are fast. A striking detail is that, although all belong to the first Pokemon game in the database subsequent movements games like Lunar Force (Moonblast) found. Surely there are fast and frequent updates of the game.
  • Pokemon have "natures" that define their personality. It is a mechanism that we have seen in several games in the series, and the effect is similar: each type of nature affects the values ​​of attack and defense, both positively and negatively, and the type of candy they prefer. Nothing new we do not know of other games drawn.
  • The seven natures are "Stoic" (Stoic), "Guardian" (Guardian), "Murderer" (Assassin), "Mugger" (Raider), "Protector" (Protector), "Sentinel" (Sentry), and "Champion" (Champion).
  • All known types are present pokemon Go. Although they are only the original 151 Pokemon, the game includes data types that only appeared in later games, such as "Fairy" "Dark" and "Steel". We return to thinking about future updates that will appear shortly.
  • Data include references to "Sponsored Locations", places that would become Pokeparadas to attract players with special offers. This is a detail that has already been officially confirmed, and that may indicate that the remaining data is reliable.

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