Square Enix, creator of "Final Fantasy" could develop an exclusive game for the Apple Watch

Currently the company developing games Square Enix, creator of "Final Fantasy", is in the development of "Cosmos Rings" could possibly be an extension of "Chaos Rings" franchise adventure games that will debut this year only watch Apple.

Not much is known about the game so far, but is believed to involve the use of capabilities motion detection clock Apple to track the steps of the game. Takehiro Ando was the producer in Square Enix's popular game role of Chaos Rings series for iOS, while art director Yusuke Naora was who gave a hand to style the famous game Final Fantasy and Chaos Rings.

The few images available on the game, do not provide much information about the title, nor is there any Square Enix teaser of the web page for the game.

Given the coincidence of personnel involved in the project and the similarity of names it is likely to Cosmos Rings somehow is related to Chaos Rings franchise.

 Chaos Rings was a direct role game for iOS, which introduced some new things in the genre with different controls well executed touchscreen.

Four games were released in Chaos Rings franchise, with only the last published title, Chaos Rings, is still available for purchase.

Rings Cosmos is expected to be available in late August, early September in Japan.
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