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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Swiftmoji: New Keyboard SwiftKey Emojis

A new Emoji keyboard prediction has come to the App Store Swiftkey hand, the company acquired by Microsoft.

His name is Swiftmoji, and curiously has been thrown behind the keyboard Word Flow of Microsoft (available in the US App Store).

Swiftmoji is a free application for iPhone, and will help to improve the use Emoji in iOS to predict your choices based on previous data, your preferences, and the text entered.

This new functionality Swiftmoji is eerily similar to the introduction of the iOS emojificación 10 , a novelty that Apple introduced in QuickType during the WWDC.

Swiftmoji present, the new Swiftkey

The Swiftmoji iPhone application works similarly to other apps keyboard mode. When you're using the keyboard iOS, and after writing any text, keep your finger pressed on the globe button to switch to Swiftmoji and allow the app "guess" the best emoji for your words.

The application, in addition to their predictions, will recommend other emoji do not usually use and you might have forgotten. Another of the best features in iPhone Swiftmoji is to add a lot of emoji at the end of your message when holding down the icon predictions.

And how predicts your emoji? Well, for example, you are typing "Many kisses affection" for Swiftmoji side recalled that in the past have sent emoji a kiss with this sentence, and on the other hand recognize words like "kiss, kisses, besotes" and automatically entered the consequent emoji. And it works for all iOS emoji: food, sports, flags, smileys ...

We are facing one of the best applications so far this summer, from iPadizate I highly recommend giving it a try.

Download Swiftmoji for iPhone

Swiftmoji in the App Store

At the moment the app is available in the US but will soon be upgraded to be compatible with more languages.

Sometimes it took forever to find the emoji perfect with our text, so Swiftmoji for iPhone is a very useful, convenient and effective tool that will save time when talking on your preferred instant messaging apps.

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