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Friday, 29 July 2016

Take care of your dog and your health with DoggyDoc

If you have a four-legged buddy at home is possible you like this application we show you today. It is DoggyDoc, an app that will help you care for your dog if it gets sick and keep it healthy.

Those who have pets, whether dog, cat or any other animal, we know the love they give us and how bad happens when you hurt or sick. With DoggyDoc you can keep your dog healthy and take care when you are sick with a combination of knowledge of veterinary experimentaros with a system of artificial intelligence.

Take care of your dog and your health with DoggyDoc!

DoggyDoc is a virtual diagnostic system will help you know how is the health of your dog and what might be experiencing discomfort. As we said a moment ago, this system is based on the combined expertise of several veterinary experts and artificial intelligence in order to provide the most reliable diagnosis possible.

The DoggyDoc application is able to diagnose health problems of dogs like a real vet and helps you better take care of your pet. To obtain a virtual diagnosis you must select the affected body part and symptoms.

Once this is done you will get the virtual diagnosis of DoggyDoc with in - depth information on the most likely diseases can have your dog. Still, if you suspect your dog is not feeling well it is best to go to your vet, as there is no better diagnosis than a person who can see and touch your beloved four-legged companion.

Get DoggyDoc free for your iPhone

DoggyDoc normally is priced at 4.99 €, but now you can get completely free for a limited time. So if you want to enjoy this app on your iPhone we recommend you download it as soon as possible, because we do not know until when will this offer.

The only drawback for it somehow, is that is not available in Spanish, but English is without problems. Remember that DoggyDoc only it serves to inform, if your pet is unwell go to the vet as soon as possible.

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