The adoption of iOS 9 reaches 86%

Apple has returned to update the information portal developers to announce that iOS 9 installed on 86% of devices on the market.

As always, I remind you that to get this data Apple is based on the devices that connect to the App Store, data that should be quite faithful to reality, since it would be rather strange someone to tell with a device capable of running iOS 9 and has never downloaded any application through the Apple application store.

Similarly, Apple has announced that the percentage of devices with iOS 8 remains stagnant at 11%, while the percentage of devices that have a previous version yet has dropped to 3%.

Otherwise, one would think that these figures will not vary considering that iOS 10 is just around the corner and that most likely is that Apple again not release any update of iOS in September.

Do any of you has a device capable of running iOS 9 and has preferred to remain in iOS 8 or in an earlier version?
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