The Apple Car not come out until 2021 -


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Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Apple Car not come out until 2021

Remember the Apple Car?, One electric car project proposed by the Cupertino company, it seems that Apple's car will not see light until 2021, due to various obstacles found in "Project Titan".

While earlier this year, Apple showed a dizzying activity in the Project Titan, hiring various professionals in the automotive category and having every intention of making the electric car by 2020 actually it seems to have now been problems requiring a delay in the project. Among these problems is the output of the Titan project leader, Steve Zadesky in January.

Moreover staff development manager software to capture the huge amounts of data to generate future Apple Cars would have to calculate the number of servers they need to work size and then proceed to participate in the purchase and configuration of servers, it would take longer than expected.

It is speculated that the data will be uploaded to Apple's servers, allowing the company to develop autonomous driving technology and improve accuracy.

It seems that Apple will also dramatically improve its infrastructure in the cloud if you want to handle all the demands of a car autoconducción, unlike Tesla Motors, which downloads some data tasks to Amazon Web Services. A single vehicle autoconducción can generate anywhere between 2 and 10 gigabytes of data per kilometer and a half, according to the CEO of DeepMap, a company specializing in mapping technology for autoconducción systems company.

It is not yet clear if the first generation of Apple Car will be entirely autoconducción, but according to several previous reports suggest that the first model can be semi-autonomous, although it is believed that the Cupertino company anda developing systems autoconducción.

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