The Apple Watch continues its relentless pace of sales

As you know, Apple has never disclosed the sales data of Apple Watch supposedly because they do not want to give that information to their competitors.

Thus, we do not know the exact number of units sold the smartwatch of Cupertino, but fortunately, we can ignore studies by outside companies, such as that comes from the Swiss bank UBS.

Apparently, Apple had sold 1.7 million units in the second fiscal quarter, a figure that draws attention to overcome achieved the previous quarter.

The Apple Watch is still the most popular smartwatch market

Thus, as long as the information are right, the Apple Watch is still the most popular smartwatch market, something that may surprise at this point because we would be at the gates of a new model.

Finally, UBS further states that the Cupertino firm will sell up to 10 million units before closing fiscal 2016, a figure that exceed the expectations of many industry experts.

And you? Do you have an Apple Watch or you have thought to buy one? As you know, I bought one when it was released, and the truth is I could not be happier with it.
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