The dark mode in iOS 10 integrate seamlessly into the iPhone with OLED screen -


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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The dark mode in iOS 10 integrate seamlessly into the iPhone with OLED screen

Over the last few weeks have been published many reports referring to the design of future smartphone of Apple and iOS . 10 Although these reports were overshadowed somewhat by the arrival of Pokémon GO, the news circulating around the iPhone 7 , and iOS 10 no longer less interesting.

Starting first by pictures and video that have published European sources, it seems that the iPhone 7 will be more than just an external copy of the iPhone 6. This meant that according to the revealed pictures, it appears that Apple has been a little more careful design of the device. In the pictures you can see a redesign of the bands of antennas located at the ends of the rear of the device, other than to note that the housing at the back has a larger hole for the camera, with its smooth edges, It gives a more homogeneous aspect to the design of the device.

In the video, unlike the images posted on blogs, you can appreciate the lack of headphone jack on the base of the iPhone 7 model, and this space replaced by another speaker, confirming that Apple would add stereo speakers to the mobile device .

Finally, the Cupertino company anda developing a dark mode "iOS 10", which would be logical, since TVOS now yours. But still it would be more logical, if Apple plans to integrate OLED screens with technology in their smartphones as they deliver darker blacks turning off individual sections of the screen, consequently generating better battery performance.

iphone black

At the moment, all the rumors fit perfectly, the last thing missing is to confirm such assumptions. So far the iOS dark mode 10 is between the resources of the operating system and has not been officially implemented (a developer had to delve into the code to find it) and have to wait until September if this feature is implemented.

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