The first portable photo Xiaomi has confirmed the resemblance to the MacBook -


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Saturday, 2 July 2016

The first portable photo Xiaomi has confirmed the resemblance to the MacBook

Well established as such, mydrivers reminded us about the device, no news lately, although it is one of the most anticipated for many this year. It is a company laptop Xiaomi, that the media is often called "Chinese Apple".

In the spring of this year he appeared information that Xiaomi wants not just throw an excellent portable, but the quality and organize their aftermarket product. Therefore, the edition of a laptop is delayed in the second half of this year. Before rumors that per processor for portable Xiaomi, the company receives a gift from an Intel processor for tablets.

Sources claim that all who wish may take a Xiaomi laptop on summer vacation. In other words, the novelty should come out in the next couple of months, and if we are to believe Xiaomi, corresponding to the conference, which will be announced notebook will be held during the month.

Numerous rumors about the launch of your own laptop Xiaomi first confirmed visual photography unit. Source says that photography is nothing less than the first model of the 12.5-inch laptop and Windows 10 as a software platform.

The Chinese love the Apple brand reminded himself and this is a portable pretty similar to the MacBook. It is distinguished by the only logo on the cover and possibly some details of the formalization of the keyboard. However, there are chances that it is фейке - faking work that special image will not be.

According to rumors, the competitor MacBook Xiaomi will focus on young people, ie, students, school students and simply socially active users. Consequently, the product price is very attractive, which is already the standard for Chinese Brand. Availability has always been one of the main advantages of the devices of this manufacturer.

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