The iOS Control Center now has 10 new panels to HomeKit and Music -


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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The iOS Control Center now has 10 new panels to HomeKit and Music

During the # WWDC16 Apple introduced iOS 10 , and introduced some interesting changes and new features in the operating system. Some of the most significant changes were implemented in the Control Center.

The iOS Control Center now has 10 new panels to HomeKit and Music . It also has a slightly different visual appearance and even has colored buttons.

But ... the iOS Control Center 10 is far from perfect. Honestly, despite the changes I expected more, and Apple has disappointed in that aspect. Here I present the improvements that need the Control Center to be perfect in IOS 10. It will touch iOS wait 11!


We've been asking for years and years. The Control Center needs more customization when to change the buttons at will, and even move the elements of the interface to change its position. It would be ideal to change the Bluetooth button (for example) a button for mobile data. And reintroducing the volume bar on the main panel in iOS 10.


Another thing I love the iOS Control Center 10 have are shortcuts. Holding down your finger (or perhaps with 3D Touch) on a button panel settings for each functionality may appear: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Night Shift ... or a shortcut to contacts as well count in 9to5Mac , this would save long time users.

No more interruptions playback!

Can anyone explain to me why when you play content (music, videos ...) in Safari and open the Control Center stops playback? IOS users 10 should be able to activate the Control Center without this experience influence their use or interrupt playback video and / or audio. It is awful!

Clearly the iOS Control Center 10 needs many more things to improve, there is the perfect operating system, and could go on functions that could be implemented. But these improvements are those that think 10 should have included iOS or yes. What do you think? What is missing Control Center in your opinion?

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