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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The iPhone will soon overtake PC Sales

The smartphone market began with the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, and since then, many models that we have known from the hand of different manufacturers. However, the iPhone has been and is the smartphone for excellence, so much so that sales could soon overtake all PCs and Mac together.

For some time, smartphones multiply PC sales each quarter, and this 2016 could happen something very interesting. The iPhone could overtake PC sales, and this does not mean that nobody buys computers, but users no longer need as much as before.

PC sales have fallen by 40% over the last five years. And it is that today's smartphones or tablets allow users to perform virtually the same things as a computer, with the advantage that it is much more portable and can be carried anywhere.

IPhone will be sold sooner than computers

With respect to sales of smartphones, these have been undergoing braking on the rise. Each quarter the trend is quite clear, computer sales continue to fall despite Microsoft promised that Windows 10 the increase.

Before long, we will see a change in the market that surely will not leave anyone indifferent, is that iPhone sales will exceed all together computer makers, including Apple Mac. Other manufacturers have gotten several months ago, such as Samsung with its Galaxy range of medium and low.

Yes, the fact that the iPhone sales exceed PC is most striking, as the price of the smartphone usually surpass computers. Actalmente the average price of a computer is around $ 570, while the average price of the iPhone is between 650-700 $.

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