The launch of Go Pokemon games has become a problem for police in australia -


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Friday, 8 July 2016

The launch of Go Pokemon games has become a problem for police in australia

The fact is that the new mobile application for iPhone seen in the real maps of cities on the location of items in virtual games. In australia, where you can find покебол and take покемона Сэндшрю, he was in the place of the police station in the city of darwin. In Accordingly, the steel structure of greedy hunters pokémon go in search of objects in the game.

The police made an official statement asking fans of Pokemon GO not engage in mobile gaming. Law enforcement officers recommended compliance with traffic rules and all caution to move from the road.

In the view of law enforcement, the augmented reality game is a potential threat because it requires smartphone owners neglect their safety when moving around the city.

As explained in the police station office northern territory of Australia, all the blame beginning of the game Pokemon GO. Правоохранители fear that players can get carried away too the game and in the heat of the chase for the trophy of not observing the abundant flow of cars and open the hatch cover.

GO Pokemon game is to catch Pokémon in the real world through the smartphone, then compete with other players in the stadiums, which are close to several historical and cultural monuments.

When the Pokemon GO officially coming to Russia, is not yet clear, however, the official representative of the developers in Russia has promised that the game appears in Europe in the near future.

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