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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The legendary pokémon are not yet available in Pokémon Go

Users around the world can enjoy Pokémon Go for a few days on our mobile devices, a game that has caused real feeling. There are many different pokémon you can capture with your phone, but today there are some that you can not get.

The reason you can not capture these pokémon can be either by restricting Niantic or by regional block. And it is that as has been told, in Pokémon Go are some species that can only be found in certain parts of the world.

Go Pokémon just landed in stores applications and still have many things to improve and add new features. With regard to pokémon, I must say that the 150 initial at the moment are only available, but it is expected that future updates will add more species.

The legendary pokémon are not yet available in Pokémon Go

Yes, even though they initially opted for the first 150 pokémon, I must say that today there are some species that can not be achieved, as in the case of the legendary pokémon. On the other hand, there are also other pokémon you can not get so easily in Pokémon Go, because there is a regional restriction.

While there seems to be overpopulated with some species such as Rattata, Mankey, Geodude or Pidgey (no day that does not capture at least one pair of each), there are other more complicated species to see and get. The so-called legendary pokémon, which are not yet available, and we hope that when they arrive is not necessary to have to pay for them.

Ditto # 132

Ditto is a normal type pokémon that can use the movement "transformation" to become any other pokémon. It is said to be a failed attempt to create Mewtwo, but no one knows for sure.

# 144 Articuno

The first of the three legendary birds is Articuno, pokémon ice / flying type. Go Pokémon refers to the team of Wisdom and still can not get in any way.

# 145 Zapdos

Zapdos is the second legendary bird and electrical / flying type. Instinct makes reference team in the game and always seems to be flying in search of thunderstorms.

# 146 Moltres

Third and last legendary bird, Moltres is Fire / Flying type and value refers to the team. Its appearance is inspired by the Phoenix, opens its flame Pokémon League and according to legend can not be captured in a Pokéball because Moltres is responsible for controlling the warm climate.

# 150 Mewtwo

This legendary pokémon was artificially created in a laboratory from DNA of Mew. It is of psychic type and it is really powerful, in fact its combat statistics are the highest of all the pokémon that form the first generation.

# 151 Mew

Legendary Pokémon psychic type having the genes that give rise to other species pokémon. It is capable of learning any movement and attack, whatever kind it is, what makes him one of the most desired by all users pokémon.

exclusive Pokémon in certain parts of the world

Finally, since Hipertextual they say that there are a total of four pokémon that are unique to various regions of the planet where the game is available. Thus, the following pokémon can only get them if you are in these areas in particular:

In the case of Farfetch'd (# 83) you can only get in the region of Japan. On the other hand, Kangashkan (# 115) is in Australia, which is not surprising considering that their morphology reminiscent of a kangaroo.

In the case of the European region (where Spain is included), the pokémon that can be found exclusively in the area is Mr. Mime (# 122). Finally, the exclusive North American is Tauros (# 128), bison pokémon.

And you, what you've gotten yourself with Mr. Mime? Do you think they take too long to include legendary pokémon?

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