The new Home button allow integrated water resistance -


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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The new Home button allow integrated water resistance

This week has been full of interesting rumors about the iPhone 7 Apple. Recently, it has been speculated that the Cupertino company has developed a new technology for the Home button functions include Touch ID and 3D Touch . A Home button that also happen to be touch and be integrated into the housing of the smartphone.

If the rumors true, this would be a slight but dramatic change in the design of next-gen smartphone, since the "physical" Home button has always been there since the birth of the iPhone in 2007.

The new Home button touch work in a manner similar to how it does the trackpad Force Touch of recent MacBooks Apple, the button will not "click" when pressed mode, nor move, instead it will simulate a click through vibration, or at least that they set out the sources based on rumors of supplier companies.

The new Home button allow integrated water resistance

We have more than 6 months talking about Apple's plans to offer an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus waterproof and dustproof . A Home touch button integrated in the housing would contribute significantly to improving the water resistance of the device as it would have no gaps between the button and the phone chassis could sneak through which water and / or dust.

Possible images Touch Home button iPhone 7

Moreover, when developing a static touch Home button, Apple would open the possibility of manufacturing a slimmer than ever iPhone. In fact, this year's model (colloquially known as iPhone 7) could count only 6 millimeters thick.

As mentioned previously, the new iPhone Touch Home button 7 NO would "click" but would use an existing technology in the Force Touch trackpad on the MacBook to simulate the sensation of touch with haptic feedback through small vibrations.

A Home button Touch ID and 3D Touch?

But best of all, and what most excited about our team CP, is that the new Home button might be able to use the Touch ID technology to unlock the device with fingerprints, while using 3D Touch functions to access shortcuts to open applications as useful as multitasking, reset the device, or even close all apps.

Additionally, it is interesting to note that the introduction of this button Home Force Touch give meaning to the loss of functionality "Slide to Unlock" IOS 10 (which can be activated in Settings), as the repeated use of the physical Home button can end damaging your hardware and / or design.

Finally, from Macotakara ensure that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come available in 5 colors, will not have a jack for EarPods, and would have a magnetic Smart Connector for battery charging. Finally, as you know in advance, the Plus model will incorporate a camera with dual lens system.

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