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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Ultimate Flame pranks are iFart Pro

If you are an inveterate prankster and your friends and family and all your jokes are known give a twist to this application. Mobile devices help us in our day to day to do many things, and now also become the best tool for pranks.

You can currently find in the App Store some applications for pranks, but certainly one of the best at the moment is iFart Pro. Although it may seem an absurd application, the fact is that when it came to the App Store in 2008 got up to number 1 Christmas day of that year, a position he retained for several weeks.

Later he was in the Top Ten for over a year and now, on the occasion of its seventh anniversary its creators wanted to completely revamp the application, launching its biggest upgrade to date. So we do not entertain us and let's see what news brings.

New in the latest version of iFart Pro

The creators of iFart Pro say that stress is one of the things that cause medical problems, among other things and there is only one internationally recognized sound able to relieve it. And that sound is none other than farts, of which the application has an extensive catalog.

Another new feature included in the latest version of iFart Pro is the ability to record your own farts. Yes, as you read it, you'll burn with the application and then play them back to play pranks on friends and family.

On the other hand, we must comment that iFart Pro packages has different fart sounds the most fun, since known songs, movie soundtracks ... Choose the one you like and throw yourself a laugh!

Not only joking man lives ...

I must say that iFart Pro is an application used only for pranks, it can also be of help if someone steals your mobile device. When the thief try using your smartphone will loop sound of farts who've previously chosen, putting in evidence.

On the other hand, there is a feature called "sneak attack" that can, according to explain its creators, come to save your life. As an example they say that if one day you find yourself between a shooting and ill approach you can open the application, select a sound, set the timer and place the phone in a strategic place, giving you time to flee.

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