This child can return to Play With iPhone -


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Sunday, 24 July 2016

This child can return to Play With iPhone

Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, shared an interesting story via ABC7 News about a 9 - year - old was able to hear again thanks to a new bone conduction implant and a mobile application for your iPhone.

Joshua, the young man who has regained listening, is enjoying the accessibility offered by new technologies that can transform lives.

Joshua Gomez began losing his ear listening in from three years, and a succession of failed interventions over a period of five years. But The Children's Hearing Center of Stanford finally found a solution ...

A device enables Joshua hear from both ears clearly for the first time, this device is especially designed for the iPhone, and offers you an opportunity to use Apple technology to improve their quality of life.

As we have from 9to5Mac , the device, called Cochlear Baha 5, it transmits sounds to the inner ear via bone conduction, and thanks to an iPhone application sound can be modified to improve its quality in different environments.

Apple has won numerous awards for his work in making the devices have greater accessibility possible. This year the company has created a category of accessories Accessibility in the Apple Store and has introduced new accessibility features in iOS 10.

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