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Monday, 25 July 2016

This could be the new iPhone7 Home Button

We've been getting all sorts of rumors from earlier this year, on the integration of the Home button on the touch screen and the casing of the iPhone in July.

There are several reasons why Apple might have been developing a new technology to make this possible:

First, with the arrival of iOS 10 Apple withdrew the "Slide to Unlock" function , and now users must click the Home button to unlock the iPhone and iPad, at least in the early betas. Many users have complained, but with a touch Home button would be no such problem.

Second, many devices (both iPhone and iPad) that have problems and failures in the physical Home button because of its repetitive use, and this may have encouraged the company to create a virtual Home button touch.

Third, the iPhone Touch Home button 7 could provide users with new features 3D Touch, and may even give way to the Touch ID feature third generation.

Home button concept 3D Touch

Recently, a graphic designer named "reximilian" published in Reddit what appears to be a fantastic concept iPhone Home button 7 "touch", "Force Touch", "3D Touch" or "virtual".

The design is spectacular, although the concept is based on an iPhone 6s and you will see the 3.5 mm jack. for EarPods and only one speaker. But it is interesting to think that the iPhone 7 could have a wonderful Home button and, of course, functional.

If it ends up being true that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus incorporate a home 3D Touch button, it would be a big surprise for consumers, who ultimately do not expect major changes in the design of smartphone next generation of the company bitten apple.

And you? Do you expect any changes in the design of the iPhone 7? Do you think Apple expects the iPhone 8 to include a touch Home button? Will you be embedded in the screen or in the housing?

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