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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

TSMC is shaping up as the sole supplier of chips for the iPhone7- A10

Although Apple has called lower costs to their suppliers, the chipmaker TSMC today in published revenues of nearly $ 6.89 billion for its second quarter and is expected to further improve the situation in the third quarter thanks to growth in shipments of processors "A10" for future iPhones and iPads the company from Cupertino.

Revenues for the second quarter rose 9% and 8% year on year. Moreover, market forecasts suggest that the chipmaker TSMC will increase your income in the third quarter from about $ 7.14 billion to $ 7.45 billion, to settle a new record if you get to be the case.

It is believed that the Cupertino company is confident TSMC and its process of FinFET of 16 nanometers for most or all of the orders of chips A10, marginalizing Samsung, which was the only producer of chips in the series, but has increasingly lost orders as Apple tries to reduce its dependence. The processor in the line A9 iPhone 6s is produced by TSMC and Samsung, for example.

Revenues in the second quarter of chipmaker TSMC, marks a trend that is closely watched by other Apple suppliers, including Foxconn, who have reported very few orders, even when compared to the usual seasonal depressions production.

In the event that TSMC is imposed as the sole producer of chips A10, this would mean a large flow of orders for chips by Apple for the next "iPhone 7" and new models of iPad, which according to various rumors also include the chip A10 manufactured by TSMC.

It is expected that the new iPhone will be released to the public sometime in September, in the event that Apple continue with their normal release patterns.

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