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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Twitter allows anyone to request a verified account

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today with millions of users publish content every day. However, the company that maintains the service is not at its best, so try to reinvent themselves every day.

Today we know the arrival of a new feature, it is that from now on any Twitter user may request that your account is verified on the social network.

Twitter and allows anyone to request a verified account

You've probably seen the accounts of large companies or famous people include your name beside a blue tick. Have you ever wondered which means that icon?

Well, accounts that have this symbol is verified Twitter accounts. The seal of a verified account guarantees that the person who is tweeting is not someone else posing as her, but is the actual person who writes these lines.

Twitter Announces Application Process Verified Accounts for
- Twitter PR (@TwitterPR) July 19, 2016

To date, Twitter itself was who made ​​the selection process of verified accounts, choosing those accounts or entities important to protect them from identity usuarpadores people. Today there are about 187,000 verified accounts, even considering that the process is now public, this number will grow enough over the coming weeks.

What we need to access a verified Twitter account

For our account is verified, we will send a request to the guys from Twitter to verify our own. It should be noted that the decision to verify or not your account will ultimately depend on Twitter, so send the form is no guarantee that verify our own. To submit a request, our account must comply with the following conditions:

  • A verified phone number.
  • A confirmed email address.
  • Biography.
  • A profile photo to verify that we are.
  • A birthday (in case of a personal account).
  • A website.
  • In our Tweets privacy settings are established as public.
Once we fill the request, Twitter will respond to our request by email. If the request is rejected, we can return to request verification of our account within 30 days. Then we leave the link to verify vuetra account, although it is not currently operating in Spain, although it will be throughout the week.

Twitter verification requests through this form

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