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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Viewing Pokémon with PokeMap Near You

If you're butt and capturing Pokémon pokémon GO looking around this tweak may interest you. Thank PokeMap will know in real time what pokémon there near you so you can go to catch them if you are interested.

GO Pokémon has an integrated function that lets players know what pokémon are close, but how often have you managed to find that pokémon you wanted? On the other hand, a lot of people have been using an additional application to give a boost to the radar and help users to complete the collection of an even faster.

PokeMap is an application that will support you to find those missing pokémon you, but is not integrated into Pokémon GO. However, if you have done the Jailbreak your device you can get a tweak that makes this really possible, as we tell you then. Let's go there!

Become all with the help of PokeMap!

PokeMap is a very useful application and has become a top assistant for a lot of users Pokémon GO, although it would be even better to have on hand in the application itself. If you have done the Jailbreak you have an option that allows you to do this directly in the game without having to download anything extra from the App Store.

In addition, this integrated map will also provide a search function so you can enter the name of pokémon you want to find. PokeMap to install and start using the integrated map in implementing GO Pokémon you must go to Cydia and search for the source Ziph0n.

Open Cydia, Manage tab and then adds looking PokeMap and install it. GO Pokémon opens the application and you should see a new map button to use it.

This map will provide the location of the various pokémon, as well as to show which ones are close to your area. The only drawback, as it somehow, is that you need the iPhone has done the Jailbreak, otherwise you can not use it.

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