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Sunday, 10 July 2016

We could count 3D Technology in the Next iPhone

Some time ago that we received new information on possible patents or designs of the next iPhone in July, focusing on a new camera system. Improved hardware expected to bring a dual camera, i.e. a camera with two sensors - two chambers -.

This new technology is expected to bring improvements when capturing images in low light or better zoom. As shown by the patent system to promote this dual camera, Apple is creating a mini projector.

Take photos to another level

Entitled "Integrated structured-light projector" - in short, integrated projector. The patent describes an element of the new camera system that could help with mapping objects. Basically, a new part of the camera is a small projector that can capture 3D objects. With this amateur photographers or otherwise can interact with the images, for example, change the focus of the photo.

What the patent says?

"A light source such as a laser diode or LED, transilluminated transparency with optical radiation looking project a pattern onto the object. A set of image capture takes an image of the pattern projected on the object, a processor processes the image in order to reconstruct a three - dimensional map of the object. "

The sources believe that this new camera system and the technology associated with it appear in the future iPhone 7, which is expected to be introduced this year. Or whatever iPhone be called the future of the company, will continue with the renewal cycle of two years or expand it to three ?

We are waiting for more information about future dual camera iPhone, we're sure will leave us with an open mouth. Is this the main novelty of the new product from the company on the block?

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