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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Weekly Summary Apple: iPhone Black, updates, Spotify and iOS Jailbreak

This week we have been plagued with news about Apple. Rumors and controversy not have been expected in these days, giving to understand that the Cupertino company has had a pretty hectic week.

Starting with one of the rumors that circulated earlier this week, it seems that Apple is freed space gray that has been coming in recent generations smartphone and replace it by a darker gray, something like a "dark space "or" deep gray ". The rumor was started from another, where it was believed that the iPhone 7 come in a dark blue (deep blue), but in reality would be a darker gray hue.

Moreover, Apple has already released a fourth batch of betas of iOS 9.3.2, 9.2.2 and OS X TVOS 10.11.6 available for both developers and beta testers who have subscribed to the testing program the company. These updates do not represent drastic changes in operating systems and you would strictly linked to bug fixes and improvements to stability and security.

This is not all, as the Cupertino company was involved in a controversial story involving Spotify. It all started when Apple refused to rise update Spotify app to the App Store because it violated certain rules. For this reason, the representative of Spotify, not very happy, accused Apple of implementing anticompetitive actions that seriously harm the music streaming service and your customers, marking a clear advantage for Apple Music.

Apple did not stay idly by and said that Spotify seeks preferential treatment over other developers of the platform, in addition to its application and violated the rules of the App Store, before the conflict.

Finally and not least, users of a jailbroken device be happy to know that the team Pangu, still shows signs of life and in his official profile microblogging site Weibo, up images of what appears to be iOS 10 jailbreak. On the other hand it is said that the Pangu team has revealed on Twitter that iOS 9.3.2 will soon jailbreak, but the latter is only a rumor.

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