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Thursday, 28 July 2016

What you need Apple for your vacation trip?

If! They have arrived summer vacation! And while you enjoy some fabulous days of relaxation and unlimited fun on the beach, in the mountains, or in your dream paradise, from CYDIAPLUS we ensure the safety of your iOS devices and offer the best of Apple.

So is! You can relax sipping a daiquiri at the pool, we do like the "dirty work". Today we are going to recommend a number of great accessories and devices to make your trip even more brilliant if possible.

1. iPad Pro

A holiday with an iPad are great ... But with an iPad Pro, are great.

2. iPhone SE

What if you were not up those precious photographs of sunrises to Instagram? 😉

3. Lightning to USB Adapter

Because you and I know that Wi-Fi Hotel Nothing more ... A very good alternative to transfer your best photos of the trip.

4. Case for iPhone

With this fantastic case can pamper your iPhone as ever, because he also needs a relaxing vacation ... It's blue SEA! 🙂

5. Smart Battery Case

No, no plugs on the beach ... 🙁 But who needs them with this case?

6. Screen Saver

Now you know, water and sand from the beach do not get along very well with touchscreens ... 😉

7. Apple TV

Applications, Games, AirPlay, Siri ... need I go on?

8. HDMI Adapter

With this great cable you can connect your iPhone / iPad to TV via HDMI.

9. Wireless Speaker

Pool party? Let the beat goes on!

10. Dock for iPad Pro

Can there be anything better than watching a movie while charging your iPad Pro?

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