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Thursday, 21 July 2016

WhatsApp adds recalled and new voicemail

Do you have installed the beta version of WhatsApp? Then attend the steady trickle of updates suffering, most of the time integrating some minor novelty. There is no doubt that developers are still in their thirteen make it the best choice messaging, though the changes are not as practical as they should. Do the latter? The callback option and a "kind" voicemail.

The new functions are accessible whenever we reject a call from WhatsApp. And add the ability to improve contact with that person, surely, it has not been possible to respond. Why not directly leave a message when you can hear it?

A voice mailbox that is actually a simple voice memo 

What mailbox for calls WhatsApp sounds good, but the application does not go so far: if the callee we reject it (everyone has his reasons), a small menu with three buttons: cancel, call back ( redial) or leave a voice message. The latter functions as voicemail: As with a regular telephone, the message that leave can solve urgent.

Too bad the voice message is not part of a true centralized mailbox that can access to check the slope: the message is anchored to chat with the person as a voice memo. How does it work? Like the notes, if we maintain pressed the button after the audio message will be as recorded.
With small steps in the beta WhatsApp advances in the stable release

As with any beta application, the goal of going to implement small changes in WhatsApp seeks to expand the options of the most stable version. Redialing and leave a message are practical: even though you can already do (simply go back to chat), it is more comfortable to have a quick function just when needed.

What do you think these small changes? They are minimal, as the new typography of the previous beta, but are a sign of continuing interest in getting the app is much better.

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