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Monday, 4 July 2016

WhatsApp closer to having to pay operators

Controversy is looming in European telecommunications, especially in Italy: As already manifest in Spain the most important operators, Agcom, regulator of telecommunications in Italy, expressed his desire to pay WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other similar services for their use of data networks.

In response to the argument that all these applications and services are based on communication between users through established networks (mobile, fiber, ADSL ...), and that such communications companies do not pay a cent to operators who maintain networks AGCOM is studying the possibility of "imposing regulatory obligations" WhatsApp and company. Services are most widely used, however, do not return any benefit who are supported communication networks. At least in principle.

the use of the network without clarifying that berates company WhatsApp and provide customer value operator

If we stick to the argument that "use the network without transferring direct benefit to operators" legitimately think that there is a gap in the business balance. The OTT (Over The Top by its acronym, companies that provide communications services over operators) do not provide direct value to the telecom operators, rather the opposite: because they are most widely used, should strengthen their networks for users to use these services. But…

But let's face it: who would hire a fee Internet if he could not have WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, without the option of accessing Google or share your thoughts in the form of tweet? If there is interest in hiring it is because there are services outside operators. In fact, many come preinstalled on their smartphones.

That services used by users to pay for such use operators is an old claim of the Spanish operators. Operators who have set eyes on what happens in Italy: if Agcom get a favorable agreement for its proposal after the public consultation, it would not be strange that we saw in Spain also an attempt to apply something. And in Europe, so Agcom points.

Return part of the effort to expand the networks, that is the key

WhatsApp, Telegram and other OTT offer services similar to those possessed by any telephone operator (messages, calls ...), so as Agcom, must abide by the same rules. Especially if you consider that most applications use the phone number to register, something that would equate to a provision of SMS.

AGCOM proposes an Italian and European regulation to check the equality of electronic communication services; It decompensated now because of the enormous efforts made in the communication networks by the operators. The proposal is not specific and does not speak of the ways in which WhatsApp and company should contribute, but would not be surprising some kind of tax levied on the volume of data exchanged by users, something relatively simple to calculate.

Is it logical to ask for compensation for a service that you clearly benefits?

This would be a good question. You can not deny that all communication services make use of networks that they have not tended and maintained either, but provide attractive for customers wishing to use them . What own services we offer operators to customers wish us about them? Given the proliferation of convergent offers, plain and simple Internet access report does not seem attractive.

Imagine that WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger ... operators must pay for the messages that users are exchanged. Then also websites should, connected servers, Google itself ( in case you did not have enough ) ... Do not doubt: to become cash payment operators, sooner or later impact on users. Or WhatsApp countries will veto any tax, which is also an option to be activated.

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