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Thursday, 21 July 2016

WhatsApp Debuts New Styles for your messages

Just a few days ago you overtook in CP that WhatsApp would include a new typeface in its application for iOS and Android , as revealed the latest beta version. Well, that day has come and not only be written with other different letter also included different style options to give a different touch to your messages.

The instant messaging application most used in the world just added a new feature that allows the user to change the style of the text to send. So, you can choose whether you want to send a message in bold, italic, cross it out and even use a different typeface than usual.

The new typeface included in WhatsApp is known as Fixedsys and can be used very easily. Here's how to use the different style options in WhatsApp to get you started as soon as possible to give a different touch to your messages.

And various text formats used included in WhatsApp

Telegram, WhatsApp main competitor, has long since have these options style as well as another set of functions and other features. However, from a time far we have seen how WhatsApp has been stepping up and are gradually including new features to keep up.

With bold, italic and other styling options you can emphasize a whole message or just a word, as you prefer. That said, let's see how to use the different style options to format your message before sending:

  • Bold. All you have to do is add an asterisk before and after the message, for example: * CP *.
  • Cursive. If you want to write in cursive just add an underscore before and after the message as well: _ _ CP
  • Strikeout. To cross out text just use a tilde before and after the message. This symbol is like a slightly curved script: CP ~ ~.
  • Fixedsys. If you want to write another font you have to add three grave accents ( `) before and after the text.

As you have seen is very simple and not difficult to memorize codes, yes, to work you have to put the symbols attached to the message, with no spaces in between. Now we just have to wait for future updates WhatsApp, in which it is expected to GIFs and video calls among other things included.

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