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Saturday, 30 July 2016

WhatsApp does not totally erase conversations

WhatsApp surprised us recently including encryption (End-To-End) "User A User" , with which they offered greater security in our conversations. And pretending to attract those users who had left terrified after learning the painful encryption app that gave us in our conversations. Painful, very painful.

However, after seeing the business model Telegram social network owned by Facebook decided to bring its functionality. Today we woke up with another novelty that leaves us speechless and returns us to want to run green application.

WhatsApp does not totally erase conversations

WhatsApp store and save chat logs even after removing those chats. Examining disk images the latest version of the social network, it has been found that the software retains and keeps a forensic trace log chats even after being erased, creating a treasure potential of information for anyone with physical access to device.

Doing these chats recoverable by any data recovery system. In most cases the application itself erases this information, but until it is overwritten does not disappear from our terminal.

Worst of all is that this problem does not come by decision of the social network, but resides in the libraries used to develop the application, the library is not overwritten by default.

Talks recover without encryption

WhatsApp chats are saved as backup to iCloud without any encryption, so the police could access them very easily. Still, this should not be a problem for users, since most instant messaging applications leave the same trace and often many more: messages is a good example.

Although thanks to the new encryption system much ask a court to recover WhatsApp conversations, the company could not. So we can breathe a little easier.

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