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Saturday, 16 July 2016

WhatsApp will introduce a new Typography in iOS and Android

WhatsApp continues to update its application for iPhone and Android, plus new features for iOS , the app will feature a new typeface.

As we published recently, WhatsApp incorporate video calls on your iOS app for iPhone, and will allow users to send GIFs, giant emoji and even share songs with your contacts. But many of the changes will come internally, in the form of hidden features.

And one of the hidden features of the new beta version of WhatsApp is the possibility of using another font in chat conversations iOS and Android.

This tweet revealed that WABetaInfo info:
WABetaInfo @WABetaInfo
The FixedSys font is now enabled for iOS and Android users!
Send this to your WhatsApp friends! ---> ```Hello, this is the new font!```
05:50 - 15 jul 2016

After questions from Twitter users from WABetaInfo they clarified that the new typeface to use WhatsApp had only write three times the symbol `immediately afterwards to write the message and rewrite three times the same character.

Typography "Fixedsys" was featured in the code WhatsApp as a hidden functionality, and now it seems that has been established in a beta update for users. As mentioned previously, well seconded from TechFirstPost , there will be other new features like video calls, GIFs, social mentions and giant emoji. All these features are available in the code for internal testing in beta and will be launched in the periodic and gradually app.

The new typeface WhatsApp joins other text formats recently added to WhatsApp, such as bold, italic, underline and strikethrough. All these combined formats offer up to 15 typography options to users.

Thanks to new formats and new typography WhatsApp, called Fixedsys, users can communicate with each other by establishing an additional level with alternative options and variations in their conversations. It's really fun!

Using the new text formats WhatsApp

To use all WhatsApp text formats, use the following symbols at the beginning and end of your messages on iOS and Android:

Bold: *

Italics: _

Strikethrough : ~

Typography Fixedsys: `(3 times)

How to use WhatsApp on your iPad

But WhatsApp not only be used on an iPhone, or an Android smartphone, It is also available for iPad!

Have you already tried the new text formats? And the new typography? Recall that the "Fixedsys" font is available in the beta version, but will soon be available for all users of iOS and Android.

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