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Monday, 4 July 2016

Why Apple has stopped release of their single monitor Thunderbolt Display

In late June, Apple announced that it stops producing brand 27-inch Thunderbolt Display monitor, and market experts are asking: this means that the company fully covers your business external monitors or preparing a new series with a resolution 5K, the addition of the respective capabilities of laptops MacBook?

"I think Apple would stop the release of a former Thunderbolt monitor with the start of supply of new models, but apparently, this new team was not ready in time, "says jeff Деттлофф, President and CEO of the company Providence Consulting. - They do not want to start in making a new batch of old equipment, users are left now without a good choice [Apple] - only with models from other manufacturers. "

The Thunderbolt Display screen was presented in 2011. 27 inches with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, has USB ports, an Ethernet port and a charging cable to connect the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. This monitor, although popular, criticized the high cost is $ 999.

An Apple representative reported that the company will continue to sell through partners Thunderbolt until stocks are exhausted.

"We ended a version of Apple Thunderbolt Display, the company representative reported on the official response. - It will be available through Apple.com, Apple salons and authorized distributors of the company, there are still stocks. There are still a number of excellent options for MacBook users. "

Michael ah, CTO and founder of the company TSP, working with Apple, it is assumed that the cessation of launch monitor may mean that a company that introduces new additions to its line of MacBook Pro - particularly the new interface Thunderbolt 3 .

"I think the cessation of publication of this monitor is likely sign that Apple about the Thunderbolt / DisplayPort port to something new, probably anticipating that the new MacBook Pro, use Thunderbolt 3 via the USB-C interface - He said. - This will open the possibility of a single connector for broadband input-output, load and support 4k / 5k-screens ".

These new possibilities MacBook can be very attractive to consumers, but potential customers unnerving uncertainty - Apple continue, launching new monitors or is time to move to the products of other companies?

"I always disconcerting when upgrading or replacement of a product is produced, while the new model does not appear, says Деттлофф. - And this is especially good now with Apple, since they have not announced it will be for the device, not to mention that there is no understanding when ".

Some experts also explain the decision Apple will soon launch new products. Last month it was reported that the company prepares the monitor of the new generation, whose resolution is 5120 × 2880 pixels. In this device Thunderbolt 3, which provides a bandwidth of 40 Gb / s is implemented.

If we are to believe the information available, the bar of the new generation can have its own graphics accelerator, which is able to take the load calculation. When unusual device appears and will appear if, in general, it is not yet clear.

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