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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Zestia: Best Alternative Cydia without Jailbreak

If you've ever had the opportunity to install the Jailbreak on your iPhone or your iPad, you already know that is a very useful when customizing iOS and Apple skip limitations tool.

However, it is not necessary to customize the Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. In fact, recently you were explaining how to customize icons without Jailbreak iOS . But this time, we will explain how to install Zestia, the alternative to Cydia without Jailbreak.

What is Cydia? Basically, shop tweaks and applications that improve the experience of mobile operating system from Apple: add new features, including elements in the user interface, customize applications, etc.

Zestia: How does it work?

Despite not require Jailbreak, Zestia (formerly known as X-Cydia) is one of the best alternatives to Cydia. While it is true that there are still some limitations, depending on what you need to customize, but worth checking out now we took a while without knowing anything about the Jailbreak of iOS 9.3.2 and iOS Jailbreak 10.

Zestia: How is it installed?

1. Using Safari, visit the website Zestia on your iPhone or iPad device.

2. Click on the "Install Zestia" button.

3. Click on "Install" on the profile page.

4. If necessary, enter your password security.

5. Select "Install" a couple of times and finally click "Done".

6. Once the installation process is complete, you will find a new icon on your home screen: Zestia.

Important: It is possible that the installation process is not completed successfully because a large number of users are accessing servers Zestia at this moment.

Zestia: How to install your tweaks?

1. Find the new icon Zestia and open the app.

2. Once in Zestia, select the application you want to install.

3. Follow the procedure to complete, is very similar to the App Store.

4. Open the Settings application.

5. Go to General> Profile.

6. Make tap on the name of the app you've chosen to install.

7. Select the "Trust" option.

8. Enjoy your new application!

Zestia video

Have not you been clear operation or installation Zestia? Do not worry, we leave you with a video tutorial 🙂

Zestia, like Cydia, is a kind of store that allows any application to land on iOS in the form of tweaks, but it does not follow to the letter all standards of iTunes for the App Store.

It is true that Zestia is not as complete as Cydia, that is clear. But ... While we wait to Jailbreak, it is an ideal way to install tweaks on iPhone and iPad.

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