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Thursday, 4 August 2016

10 Best Games for iPhone and iPad

In CP we have always offered the best collections of games for iPhone and iPad, in our blog we selections multiplayer games , retro games , RPG games , action games , and even scary games .

But this time, we will recommend 10 spectacular games for iPhone and iPad platforms. They are ideal titles for mobile devices, as they often have intuitive and simple controls, and both its gameplay as its gameplay are usually excellent.

If you're tired of Pokémon GO , you should take a look at these fantastic games platforms App Store. They are great!


In Oceanhorn you will embark on an epic and unforgettable adventure while exploring the territories of Arkadia and oceans of the islands protected by the sea monster Oceanhorn ...

Tales From Deep Space

Tales From Deep Space will take you to live a unique experience on different planets where you'll meet aliens fun with your friend robot.


Immerse yourself in limbo, avoids all obstacles, decipher puzzles and find your sister.

Leo's Fortune

A thief has stolen all the money that you owned, you have to run after him in a world with excellent graphics platform.


Controls time, travels to the past and returns to the present, thanks to a magic clock to find creative adventure.

Never Alone: ​​Ki Edition

Find the mysterious origin of an eternal blizzard that threatens the future of the Inupiaq people.

Last Inua: An Artic Adventure

Survive together with your child on an adventure full of dangers, demons, and cold, very cold.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Brothers

Embark on a journey with your brother to get cure the serious illness of your father.

The Beggars Ride

In The Beggars Ride you will be a beggar, but you will have in your hands the key to a mysterious hidden world that will reveal your true identity ...

Rayman Adventures

Become Rayman and runs like crazy in a world full of all kinds of creatures while collecting IncrediBalls.

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