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Monday, 8 August 2016

18 New Cydia Tweaks of the Week

18 New Cydia Tweaks of the Week
AllInboxesFilter ($0.99): lets you filter the email accounts that should appear in the All Inboxes folder of the stock iOS Mail app.
Anilaunch ($1.49): animates app icons as you scroll through the Home screen.
Aporeo (Free): enables Low Power mode while charging so that your battery charges faster.
AppDelete (Free): prevents certain apps from getting deleted.
CameraTweak 4 ($1.49): adds a number of new features to the stock Camera app.
Canite ($1.50): system-wide music player for iOS.
ConfrimWithCena (Free): asks for confirmation when deleting apps on your device.
Depthicons ($2.99): brings parallax effect to your Home screen app icons.
Emojiant (Free): ports iOS 10’s large Emoji style in Messages app to iOS 9.
Filtrate ($1.99): filter posts in the official Reddit app with this tweak.
Legacy Status Bar (Free): brings the iOS 6-styled Status bar to your iPhone.
KBSwipe9 (Free): brings iPad’s Quick Text selection feature to iPhone.
KeekCopied (Free): lets you copy a video link in Keek app.
PalBreak (Free): bypasses jailbreak detection in iOS PayPal app.
Resero 9 (Free):  shrinks notification banners to the size of the Status bar.
Snakebite 2 ($1.49): provides quick access to recently launched apps or favorite apps.
TinyPlayer Pro ($1.99): yet another feature-rich music player widget for iOS.
Twitch: No localized channels (Free): removes the localized channels in Twitch.
These are all the new tweaks that were released in the week. If there’s anything that’s missing from the list, make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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