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Sunday, 14 August 2016

30 New Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS9.3.3

Almost every day there are new Cydia Tweaks. The difficulty is to determine which of them will make the iPhone and iPad more functional beyond what is better pass by.

30 New Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS9.3.3

Cleo ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

The new design control point in the style of iOS 10.

3DAppLock ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

Blocking all applications the home screen using 3D Touch and Touch ID.

LockShot (free BigBoss)

TWIC set to the lock screen, the image of the table with frosted glass effect.

CameraTweak 4 ($ 1.49, BigBoss)

10 professional features to the standard iOS Camera.

Genous ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

Any set scheme placement of the icons (and size) of each page on your desktop.

Talus ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

Analogous to the checkpoint iOS as a smart widget for the home screen.

Tap to Translate (free BigBoss)

TWIC Tap to Translate allows you to translate the unknown word or phrase in one click. Similarly, the function runs on Android.

Copic 2 (free BigBoss)

Photo-avatars of users in the Phone application and Address Book.

VolBright (free BigBoss)

Adjusting the brightness of the screen iPhone and iPad with the help of the volume buttons.

MessageMarkdown (free BigBoss)

TWIC allows you to format text with Markdown iMessage.

Wave2Wake ($ 0.99, BigBoss)

IPhone turn on and off the hand movement.

Send as SMS Flipswitch (free BigBoss)

Switch for control point for sending SMS text as iMessage instead.

Widget Assistant ($ 0.99, MacCiti)

Add widgets on the desktop, and Android.

AlwaysTouch (free BigBoss)

The ability to unlock the device with the help of Touch ID, password even offline.

Iconizer ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

Arbitrary layout of the icons on the desktop.

Easy Tone (free, ModMyi)

Easy Ringtone can download all the videos and songs with YouTube and SoundCloud services and use them as ringtones.

AntiNonstopCall (free BigBoss)

You get a lot of unwanted calls? AntiNonstopCall answer for you, and immediately, the incoming call is restored.

Canite ($ 1.50, BigBoss)

This TWIC for those whom it is necessary to regulate the mini-player, нагроможденный not a lot of options and features.

AllInboxesFilter ($ 0.99, BigBoss)

native iOS Mail application allows letters immediately see all your accounts, which sometimes is not very convenient. With this твиком you will be able to choose to choose, email any of the accounts to be displayed.

TinyPlayer Pro ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

TinyPlayer Pro is a mini-player. But, unlike Canite, here are many more configuration options. In addition, the player looks thinner and cleaner.

Anilaunch ($ 1.49, BigBoss)

Anilaunch add different animations on the screen, depending on the user action.

Snakebite 2 ($ 1.50, BigBoss)

Snakebite 2 - new multitasking bar, which shows on the left side of the screen favorites icons, or recently running applications.

DephIcons ($ 2.99, Rpetri)

DephIcons can achieve the stereoscopic effect of icons using the function parallax. Rpetri.ch/repo is loaded from the repository.

KBSwipe 9 (free BigBoss)

Трепада transfer mode on the keyboard of any iPhone with ipads and smartphones with 3D Touch technology.

Speed ​​Intesifier - iOS 9, the free version, BigBoss)

If you are not satisfied with the slow pace of animation iOS 9 you can be set Speed ​​Intesifier acceleration visual interface.

HapticLock (free BigBoss)

HaptickLock injects a tactile feedback when the device is locked in the style of iOS 10.

Initialized (free BigBoss)

TWIC Initialized notifies the user about how to reinstall after restarting jailbreak iOS-based device 9.3.2 and 9.3.3.

IMDownloader (free BigBoss)

IMDownloader performs the function of file manager and its functionality is very similar to the IMFileManager. The reserve can be installed from the App Store, however, IMDownloader allows downloading files.

WAEnabler (free BigBoss)

Activation of hidden options to WhatsApp.

Resero 9 (free BigBoss)

Resero 9 reduces the standard of notifications in iOS 9, so that do not depart from work.

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