A new video shows three different versions of iPhone 7

The Dutch blog TechTastic just released a video showing 4K and describes the three different versions of iPhone 7 heeding the latest rumors.

Specifically, the video shows the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the rumored iPhone 7 Pro, which offer unique features that would not be present in any of the previous two versions.

According to the video and of course with most rumors, the iPhone 7 Pro would be the only device having a dual rear camera, while on the other hand, may also increase your RAM up to 3GB.

Thus, both the standard version and the Plus version would offer the same rear camera, so this time the difference between the two devices might only be in its size.

On the other hand, none of the three versions would have Smart Connector, so in this sense the connector would remain exclusive to the iPad Pro.

Apple is expected to present at least two of the three devices mentioned above (there will finally be Pro version?) In early September, while on the other hand, reservations begin on 9 to finally be launched in the first countries the week September 12.
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