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Saturday, 27 August 2016

A source confirmed Apple will cut off the Home button for iPhone model year 2017

A new report from Bloomberg revealed details about iPhone model year 2017 there will be no Home button pressed longer by Apple started designing the core of the iPhone model year 2017 and then focus on losing weight and by trying to cut the Home. get out

News reports about a new iPhone model year 2017 began to see each other more. Consistent with previous reports, the news began to produce the material by Foxconn iPhone model year 2017 is expected in the new iPhone will have a screen. OLED materials is the main front of the mirror as iPhone 4 is expected to be a single glass sheet.

It is not clear that Apple wants the iPhone's Home button model year 2017 issued in any form. But will not press the Home button and the Home button, of course, may be buried or is the glass at all.

The possibility of a Home button on the iPhone touch model year 2017.

For iPhone 7 will be launched soon, according to rumors, is not a Home button buttons. But the Home button to withstand Touch 3D Touch if Apple used this model to the iPhone 7 truth is reasonable as well as the Home of the new iPhone model year 2017 must not be pressed, and it is possible to embed. in my windshield

Benefits of a Home button touch. Home button will reduce the likelihood that corruption is a problem for iPhone users always look beautiful on the front bezel and touch Home button can have several applications. Such strong support touch Tap to unlock, etc.

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