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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A video shows a functional EarPods with Lightning connector

After showing a series of blurry photos of a supposed edition based on the EarPods with Lightning connector, classical headphones stock Apple iPhone but with a slight modification. Now a new video that gives us a better look at what appears to be a fully functional headphones that resemble Apple EarPods unless connect to port Lightning iPhone appears.

This video is published on YouTube channel EverythingApplesPro name from Friday. This video of 61 seconds duration shown connected through the Lightning type connector to an iPhone with iOS 9. Headphone headphones work as expected, including the playback control via buttons pause / volume playback and up /down.

s you can see for yourself, the volume control appears to be working well in the YouTube application, as the play / pause. However, the man who made the video did not prove the EarPods built microphone. The headphones have an authentic look, but there is no way to accurately assess whether what we are seeing in the video is actually a legitimate Apple product.

The EarPods apparently come from Apple parts suppliers for the iPhone.

It is unclear whether Apple the creator of the video would send the EarPods Lighting based on technology with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 SE? Or headphones managed by other means. It is also unknown if the iPhone 7 will include or not the much-rumored Lightning adapter headphone mini jack 3.5 mm.

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