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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Acer Liquid Zest Plus, with 5000mAh mobile analysis

"It was not mobile fastest or prettiest, but it was a mobile durable"

This week we have been testing the Acer Liquid Zest Plus, a smartphone that under that name as complicated hides a € 200 device with a huge battery. Yes, many cheap phones promise a good autonomy but this Acer comes with nothing more and nothing less than 5000mAh.

Is it worth betting on a mobile as well? We know that the battery is one of the key aspects of any mobile but the doubt is there; Is important enough autonomy to outshine the rest? Acompañadnos in this analysis Zest Liquid Plus and will evaluate the pros and cons.
Acer Liquid Zest Plus, technical characteristics

We are facing a fairly conventional device. A phablet screen 5.5 "IPS, MediaTek processor inside, 2GB, 13MP camera and plastic body. Its main difference is that battery of 5000mAh which also we add a charger to be quickly filled.

In the software it comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Liquid UI, which as we shall see is riddled with "new".

  •     Screen 5.5 "IPS HD, Zero gap
  •     MediaTek quad core processor Mt6735
  •     GPU Mali-T720MP2
  •     16GB storage
  •     2GB of RAM
  •     13MP camera, autofocus, f / 2.0, flashLED, 1080p video
  •     5MP front camera, angular 85 °
  •     Not interchangeable 5000mAh battery, quick charger
  •     154.3 x 77.4 x 9.75 mm, 175 g
  •     LTE Cat 4, gyroscope, dobleSIM, radioFM
  •     Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Liquid UI 


The Acer Liquid Zest Plus has a fairly standard design. Metal rims, rear removable plastic edges and a top / bottom large enough to insert the logo of Acer.

In the front highlights the speaker calls, the front camera and the logo of Acer. At the rear, in our case, we have the blue rear camera, LED flash, speaker dts and again the logo.

Right edge for the volume buttons and on / off going pretty hard. The left edge is smooth. At the top we have the 3.5 mm jack and lower the noise canceling microphone and microUSB port. 

The back cover is easily removed and suggests the giant 5000mAh battery that occupies almost the entire body and is sealed so that can not be removed. Here we see the double slot for SIMs and an additional slot for microSD.

The DTS sound offered by the rear speaker is correct and as detailed say that there is an outer sheath that allows us to see part of the mobile screen, although we could not prove it.

Acer has managed to design a solvent for its price and hand feels quite comfortable, although at no time a premium feel we do have other mobile can be seen.


A screen of 5.5 "IPS HD resolution. Make no mistake, in 2016 we should not see this combination. The pixels are appreciated considerably and is not the best experience you can have. The quality of the panel is normal, has good color rendering but slightly off.

The angles are correct, with yellowish tones when we bow. Survive outdoors point where many screens have great reflexes and in this case you can work without much trouble thanks to the On-Cell Touch technology. Acer offers the Miravision technologies and BlueLight Shield mode, which is basically a blue filter.


The Acer Liquid Zest Plus incorporates a 13 - megapixel sensor, f / 2.0 and triple focus: laser, phase detection and contrast. In tests works fast and is quite accurate.

The camera application that provides very complete, with an ORR way that allows us to choose in detail exposure, ISO, contrast and more sections. We have ways to make panoramic, presentations, smile detection, HDR and beautification for selfies. The latter are made ​​with the 5MP front camera and filter lets us change the eyes, the color of the lips or skin pores.

Photos taken in 16: 9 are at 9 megapixels, while the 13MP mode is for pictures 4: 3. The results are satisfactory, although it suffers from burn images. The HDR mode is not very aggressive. The night shots are quite dull and adds noise is considerable. A quick and configurable camera that will help us out of trouble. 

Performance and software

Ais software. The Acer Liquid Zest Plus comes with a MediaTek processor, HD screen and 2GB of RAM. It is not a combination to get excited about but it works well for many. The lag is evident and constant but can be solved with Nova Launcher and eliminating a few apps ... and more than 10.

The main problem Zest Plus Liquid is not your hardware, is the software and the amount of bloatware that Acer introduced. Have you ever tried Acer laptop? You know all those apps cloud, antivirus, optimizer, etc? As they are also to Android and we must also add several preinstalled games. Fortunately everyone can be uninstalled so that an initial problem go away easily.

Yes worth stopping at some additions that are curious. In addition to apps for files, save data or calendar, we also have radioFM. We also have off gestures from accessing certain applications directly screen. Liquid Home launcher replaces Google Now for a suite of proprietary information from Acer that offers headlines, weather information and social networks.

As for performance, as we say the phone works properly while not saturate. We tested several games and run well. It remains to be seen whether over the months the device holds the same. In AnTuTu have about 30,000 points, which is below the results that other mobile 200 € obtained.


We arrived at the key point of the Acer Liquid Zest Plus. How much gives him a 5000mAh battery? Much, at least in this mobile. Possibly one of the Android with more autonomy than I've ever had. I had my doubts, since I've had others with 4000mAh yes, lasted, but they were not exceptional. With this Acer and its HD screen easily we arrived three days of autonomy.

We talked about almost a day and a half of average use. Outrageous as most devices are about 10-15h. In hours of screen is placed over 7am, but this figure is not very representative . The first day of 100% low night and are still 70%. The second day down to 40% and in the afternoon of the third asks you eat. They are approximate data of what I have achieved in almost two weeks of use. 

If you are looking for a mobile with a lot of battery to play Pokémon GO the Acer Liquid Zest Plus is a great candidate, is possibly the most will last. The cane once more gave him two days held me perfectly.

It is not fast, the screen is not great but is presented as a large mobile battery and my results so I noticed. It is one of those devices like the S7 Edge, the battery does not seem to go down. An unfair comparison because the price difference is very bulky.

The Acer also has USB OnTheGo that allows us to charge other devices if plugged, a technology that had already seen in the Zenfone Max and also 5000mAh.

What about fast charging? For very satisfactory. It is able to complete the entire battery in an hour and a half, not bad for its quantity.


The Acer Liquid Zest Plus is available for 199 €. For that price we have a quite humble phone with some features, correct design and exceptional battery. If you are someone who handle you with mobile, will you install a good launcher and do not mind something goes slow, with this Acer will have a device you do not have to worry in charge.

It is a Dualsim terminal, good battery. It occurs to me that could also be a great choice as a secondary motive for not being stranded. The chances of a good battery are huge, everything depends on whether the weakest points affect you enough. Acer is also not characterized by updating its devices, a factor to consider. So much importance do you give to the battery? 

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