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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Add a new style to the control center with Cleo (jailbroken)

A new version of jailbreak tweak called Cleo gives the control center a renewed appearance. Cleo provides an interface control center control center, fine and delicate. Instead of a transparent sheet and blurred slides up from the bottom of the screen, Cleo does more than this.

The tweak has two different pages as seen in the image below. The first page shows all the shortcuts and other icons of utilities, as well as the brightness slider and the second page shows the controls music playback and volume slider.

Cleo has all the same controls as the control center, just looks much better.

When installing the Cleo, you will not see a preference pane in the application settings where you normally expect to find options to configure. This is because the developers have decided to move tweak preferences to Settings-> Preferences control center.

Once there, you will find the switch "use of Cleo," which allows you to enable or disable the tweak. Once lit, you can go to the preferences panel settings and find, in part, the following:

  • Disable button heart for music.
  • Disable the share button for music.
  • Choose the default page when the control center is launched.
  • Choose more custom colors for Polus FlipControlCenter and accessories.

After you finish configuring the tweak, just close the setup application and open the Control Center for Cleo fully operational.
Cleo brings a beautiful new look for the Control Center interface in iOS 9 and is compatible with iOS 9.3.3.

If you want to try Cleo on your device jailbreak, you can download from the BigBoss Cydia repository for only $ 1.99.

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