alleged pictures of the iPhone 7 filter, direct from the factory Foxconn -


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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

alleged pictures of the iPhone 7 filter, direct from the factory Foxconn

Again they appeared images of the iPhone 7, but this time, the back cover Plus model, published in the Chinese forum Baidu, and apparently discovered the element comes from the factory Foxconn.

Someone who seems to work in the factory has photographed what looks like a case for an iPhone 7 Plus, showing it from various angles. Corroborate images seen by the above pictures leaked so they do not provide anything new.

The housing shown in the photos appears to be made ​​of aluminum, unlike a lot of mockups that have been built in plastics, based on schematic drawings filtered throughout this year.

You can see a dual camera with a curvature to the ledge a little nicer. It is said that with the addition of the dual camera can capture an image at the same time and then the software will process and join final result is an image with better contrast, especially in low light.

It is believed that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 include a camera lens and normal possibly including more pixels to capture more light.

In one of the images you can clearly visualize dual speaker grills, but the headphone mini jack at the bottom of the housing is not observed.

Other interesting things that stand out in photographs is that you can see that there is a hole where it would go a mute switch on one side, the classic points for smart connector does not appear in any part of the housing, apart from the "showy absence" of the Apple logo.

Given the recent leaks, it is reasonable to assume that the production of the iPhone 7 is in full swing, before the expected opening on September 7.

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