Apple invents a waterproofing system of ports that could be applied to future iPhone -


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Friday, 19 August 2016

Apple invents a waterproofing system of ports that could be applied to future iPhone

Whenever lack least for the launch date of the new Apple smartphone and today has leaked a new patent that would reveal a new feature of the next smartphone from the Cupertino company.

IPhone 7 could include significant new feature concerning a waterproofing system device.

Apple filed a series of patents that reference waterproofing devices such as a request for raincoats and other ports concerning waterproof speakers.
One of these patents refers to an invention of Apple detailing a port for an electronic device waterproof.

Also in the patent a method for making waterproof the openings that may exist in electronic devices is detailed.

Another recently published patent waterproofing refers to waterproof speakers who use a system of elastic membranes to prevent ingress of liquids.

In the same category could include another patent application company entitled "Method for water treatment an acoustic port and membrane", where the placement of a heating element in an acoustic port is described which could accelerate evaporation of liquid accumulated in a port.

Remember that sometimes, many of the patents fail to see the light because they are not 100% effective, have not been achieved to fully develop or for any other reason. But if you get to apply some of these patents in the iPhone 7 would add an important smartphone that would put him in a favorable position to compete with high-end smartphones feature Android position.

Yet it is unlikely that add features impermeability iPhone 7, but is very likely that for next year, "iPhone 8" apply any of these patents.

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