Apple iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7? -


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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Apple iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7?

Apple iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7?


The last giveaway was incredibly popular and I was able to give many new iPhones to viewers but I had to shut it down the after a few issues were brought to my attention. The most critical issue was commenters being targeted by phishing scams. Commenters being told that they won by a third party scammer and then asked for credit card numbers etc. (to cover shipping). This time around, I've devised a plan in conjunction with a fulfillment partner to eradicate that problem while shipping phones to winners in a timely manner. The steps are as follows -

1. All winning user names and youtube URLs will be listed on this official dbrand website -

2. After you've been selected you'll receive a YouTube DM that includes a validation code and further instructions.

3. You will never be asked for a credit card, please don't provide that to anyone in your inbox ever!

4. Winners will simultaneously be announced on dbrand's twitter page if that's easier for you to follow / track -

5. If you're name doesn't show up on the official list, you have not won!!! Don't listen to potential scammers looking to exploit you, real winners will be listed AND receive a completely unique validation code.

6. YES, they are all real, brand new phones. Check my social media if you'd like more images etc.

7. If you win, please post an image to social media to let people know.

8. Good luck!

I had always intended on resuming this massive giveaway but after a few roadblocks (scammers, fulfillment and managing daily uploads etc.) it remained paused. I'm grateful to dbrand skins for offering to help with the difficult task of actually managing such a massive undertaking. This is a much more professional approach to the giveaway concept and a necessary development at this scale. Last time around I underestimated the background tasks involved, this time there's a team in place to counter the issues I faced originally. We're even going to have a dedicated person JUST to monitor the comments section for shady impostors. 

So what's it gonna be, iPhone or Android? :)

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