Apple IPhone 7 would arrive in stores on September 23 -


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Apple IPhone 7 would arrive in stores on September 23

In recent days there is much talk about the iPhone 7, for example is believed to be the keynote presentation will be on September 7 . Well, now just emerged new rumors that the iPhone 7 will hit stores next September 23.

On the other hand, do not forget that it is said that Apple will open a pre - booking period for the iPhone 7 on September 9, perfect for those who want to ensure a smartphone unit. As you can see, rumors and leaks that revolve around the iPhone 7 are increasing significantly as the days go by, because every time there is less to be presented officially.

The US company normally releases its new device two weeks after officially presenting it , suggesting that that day would be 16 September. However, a new information leaked AT & T indicates that the iPhone 7 will not land until 23 September, a week later than expected.

September, the month of the iPhone in July

In the filtered image a schedule of retail indicating the number of employees and the hours they work to reorganize stores AT & T on 9 and 23 September 2016. It does not specify clearly, but everything seems to point sees Concerning the iPhone.

If the dates being considered are true, the iPhone 7 will be presented on September 7 and two days after the pre - booking period opens. As for his arrival in stores there who bet on September 16, while others believe that day will be the 23 of that month.

Regardless of when Apple launched the iPhone in July, the truth is that every time we are closer to your presentation. And as they say the guys at MacRumors , the company would begin to send event invitations to the media about 25 or 26 August.

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