Apple is developing a low-power Bluetooth chip for wireless headphones -


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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Apple is developing a low-power Bluetooth chip for wireless headphones

The elimination of analog 3.5mm headphone on iPhone 7 be present at every rumor, but what is not clear is what Apple will offer a replacement to the removed from the analog connector. There have been rumors and alleged photos of EarPods with Lightning connector, but there have also been rumors that Apple walks in the development of Bluetooth headsets.

A report from Forbes says that the Cupertino company has been working on a Bluetooth chip designed for several years. Bluetooth component focuses on energy efficiency and could allow new wireless headphones debut with a very long battery life, perhaps along with the launch of iPhone in July.

The article said that Apple is developing its own low - power Bluetooth chip that would create a wireless headset with longer runtime and less charge. It is likely that the company will strive to obtain a performance similar to the Apple Watch where given a use throughout the day and only need to charge battery at night.

It is true that it would be rare that the company does not offer its own wireless headsets as a more convenient alternative to the Lightning technology as the big problem with headphones Lightning is its compatibility with other Apple products; for example, the Apple Watch has no ports at all and the Mac does not yet include Lightning ports.

Earlier this year, it was reported on Apple's efforts to make the completely wireless headphones, each earpiece groove completely separate from the other.

Moreover, it is expected that the iPhone 7 is announced at a press event on 6 or 7 September. In this same event inaugurations of other products, such as the second generation of Apple Watch they will also be given. The release date iPhone 7 is set for September 16 .. 

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