Apple launches its fourth beta version of macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3 and TVOS 10 Developer -


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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Apple launches its fourth beta version of macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3 and TVOS 10 Developer

On this day, Apple launches its fourth beta for developers batch of its major operating systems. The release includes the betas in its fourth version of IOS 10 macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch and TVOS 10 for the Apple TV.

The new versions come two weeks after it was published the third batch of betas. These versions do not seem to bring anything new to the respective operating systems since the notes (change log) indicate that updates contain enhancements and bug fixes.

Updates are now available for download through the update mechanism in their respective devices, or through the Apple developer portal. The new compilations are identified as:

  • macOS beta 4 Sierra (16A270f)
  • 10 iOS beta 4 (14A5322e)
  • watchOS 3 beta 4 (14S5302d)
  • TVOS 10 beta 4 (14T5308d)

As always, Apple warns that beta versions should only be implemented in dedicated to development of beta software devices.

iOS 10 macOS Sierra, TVOS 10 and watchOS three are scheduled to be released to the general public in the third quarter, probably in late September when the new iPhones expected to go light. The public can also choose to try prerelease versions of IOS 10 and macOS Sierra through public betas program proposed by Apple.

Sierra macOS bring a variety of enhancements, such as support deep Siri support and management features cloud-based files. Other small details that include the new operating system for Macs would feature Auto Unlock (auto unlocking) by an Apple Watch.

On the other hand, iOS 10 includes significant improvements in notifications feature, support third-party applications Siri and updates for applications such as Messaging, Maps and Photos.

Finally, watchOS 3 offers things like a faster loading applications and functions of the control center, among other things.

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