Apple launches public beta sixth and seventh beta for developers macOS Sierra Leer

On this day, Apple launched the public beta sixth and seventh beta for developers macOS Sierra, following the typical schedule before the release of a final version will probably be done sometime this quarter.

The new beta versions can be downloaded through updates from the Mac App Store. For people who want to download the beta versions throwing the Cupertino company for the first time can do so through the Beta Software program proposed by the company and / or through an Apple developer account.

At the moment no information of major changes in these updates exists, but is supposed to have debugging errors and improved the performance of the new operating system for desktop and laptop computers from Apple.

Moreover, the company released 10 versions of iOS both publicly and developers because it is expected to debut next month, so would be giving the finishing touches new version of iOS. It is believed that macOS could follow the same line, but also out until October, depending on the progress of Apple.

MacOS Sierra comes with deep integration Siri on Mac, and includes other features such as automatic unlocking allows users with an Apple Watch unlock the computer by proximity, a system copy and paste compatible with other Apple products and more .

Siendos we seem to witness the latest betas of Sierra macOS as virtually no errors or problems discovered serious security and therefore they would be polishing some details prior to release of the final version either in September or October.
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