Apple loses Indian market: iPhone sales have fallen year by 35% to 800 thousand units, Android's share exceeded 97%

The Android operating system in the second quarter of 2016 increased its stake in the Indian market to 97.1%, while iOS fell by almost 35%. On this being said in the analytical report of the company Strategy Analytics.

"Android ... maintained its first place with a record 97% of the market share of smartphone operating system in India", - it stated in the report of the observers. For comparison, in the months of April to June 2015, Android's share in the country's market was 90%. IOS share per year was reduced from 4.5% to 2.4%, in other operating systems had to 0.5% market share so country.

Delivery of Android smartphones in the second quarter of India was 29.8 million units, 28.4% more than a year ago. Delivery of iOS smartphones, however, decreased by 34% to 800,000 units.

Android dominates the smartphone market in India and now seems invincible, with its large portfolio of associated companies, large distribution channels and a wide range of applications at low cost ", - they are listed in the release word of heads of nile Моустона Strategy Analytics.

Reducing the proportion of iOS and supply of smartphones based on the "apple" of the analysis system explained too high prices.

"Apple should lower the price of the iPhone to the lowest values ​​to attract more of operator subsidies and increase its presence in the retail market through Apple stores or online channels, if the company intends to grow considerably in the future, "said the director of Strategy Analytics woody Ue.

General delivery of smartphones in India have grown in the second quarter by 19% to 30.7 million units. Strategy Analytics explains this growth that India is currently the third largest in the world smartphone market, after China and the US.
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