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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Apple New Remote application

As expected, Apple has just released the new Remote application, which has nearly all the features offered by the Remote Siri.

  • Browse the Apple TV with your fingers.
  • Type text, email addresses and passwords quickly with the keyboard.
  • Asks Siri to find something that is good to see, listen or play.
  • Controls playback of the film, TV program or song you're watching or listening.
  • Use the accelerometer and the gyroscope when playing video games.
  • Game active mode to use a simpler game controls.

Thus, thanks to this renewed application you can use Siri, enter text without dying in the attempt and even use the accelerometer and gyroscope for playing video games.

In short, we face a must-have application for all who have a fourth-generation Apple TV, as I told you how we can use our iPhone as if the remote control is concerned.

Apple TV Remote is available for free.

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