Apple pulls out his third batch of public betas of IOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Users who have subscribed to the program of public betas of Apple will get the third batch of betas of IOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

Users who have enrolled in the program betas of the Cupertino company may now install the third beta of iOS 10 via the software update mechanism or through a connection with a registered device iTunes verified. Moreover, Mac updates are available through the Mac App Store.

The updates came a day after the developers receive their fourth betas of IOS 10 and macOS Sierra. Registered developers also received new beta of TVOS 10 and watchOS 3 versions, but these platforms are not included in the program of public betas of Apple.

It is likely that the structures of the third batch of betas of iOS beta Sierra MacOS 10 and are identical to the fourth batch which was released to developers yesterday.

The biggest changes seem to have done in previous betas of iOS 10 wherein the Cupertino company has added 100 new emoji and had adjusted existing graphics with new looks. The new emoji reflect diversity, gender equality, among other things and also change an icon of a firearm by one of a toy water gun.

The latest beta of iOS 10 also features a new introductory panel explaining the changes made to the control center. When you slide your finger up for the first time, users are taught that the new control center has three panels quick access controls, music controls and controls for HomeKit.

It is planned that both iOS 10 as the Sierra macOS be launched in this quarter, probably in the first weeks of September.

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