Apple supported the project, barack obama, the fight against inequality in wages of men and women -


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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Apple supported the project, barack obama, the fight against inequality in wages of men and women

Apple joined the project of the White house on the exploration and subsequent elimination of gender inequality in pay. According signed the agreement, the iPhone maker also undertakes to pay for the work of men and women.

As reported by the RSN, the agreement represents an annual reporting on the calculation of wages disaggregated by sex, as well as examining procedures and hiring new employees the promotion. The project objective is to eliminate the bias towards female staff and eliminate barriers to women's career. In addition to Apple, the project supported 29 of the largest US companies, including Facebook, Visa? General Motors, Nike and Coca-Cola.

"We are taking the first step towards understanding the real difference in the wages of women and men," said valerie, senior adviser to the US president, Barack Obama. According to him, the fact that employers recognize the existence of inequality, willing publicly to determine its magnitude and get rid of it by itself is a great achievement.

According to the United States Census Bureau, for the same work of women and men working full time, they received in 2015, respectively, 79 cents and $ 1. The relationship is maintained despite the efforts of the authorities and major companies in the country to reduce the impact of gender and equalizing incomes of men and women, experts say.

In April Obama he signed the decrees requiring contractors that work with the government to provide data on wages disaggregated by race and gender, and the prohibition of retaliating against workers who raise questions about compensation. To complete the picture lacks detailed statistical studies, and adherence to the project of the largest companies should change this, says the agency

In total, they have joined the project of 57 companies. The initiative for the elimination of gender inequality has also become one of the leading in the election campaign of US Democrats in the struggle for the presidency.

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