Apple Watch 2 planned for this year, larger battery, GPS and other improvements, but will keep the same design -


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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Apple Watch 2 planned for this year, larger battery, GPS and other improvements, but will keep the same design

We expect a very interesting second half of the year. Among other things it is expected that Apple Watch 2 be released later this year. This new Apple smartwatch come with many improvements. A new, faster processor, and includes, other interesting features like radio, GPS ...

By contrast it seems that Apple will not modify its design. So if you expect to find something amazing going to have to keep sitting.

What is expected from Apple in relation to the new company SmartWatch is to add a faster processor, better waterproofing, a larger battery and other improvements. But improvements that they will stay in the bowels of the device, since no design changes will occur in it.

The SmartWatch next generation of Apple, which presumably will be called Apple Watch 2 is expected to see the light at the end of this year.

Apple as has become customary in it has not made any comment or announcement regarding his plans for his new watch. But in specialized sites like AppleInsider and MacRumors have been some comments "investors with good connections" and echo some of the specifications are expected in the Apple Watch 2 were made.


These rumors collected two versions of the new SmartWatch Apple for this year are expected. The "doped" version of Apple Watch 2 would be the largest update even externally would wear the same design. The internals that would be improved include: a thinner screen, a barometer, radio and GPS processor TSMC 16 nanometer faster. With this hardware battery life is quite resent, so the Apple Watch 2 is also expected to arrive with a larger battery.

The second variant or model that prepares it seems that although Apple would have some of these improvements. But not all ... something that would certainly also influence its price.

Apple revolution in the world of smartwatch seems to be left for next year. Or perhaps well into 2018.

Apple could unveil the plans that show the Apple Watch and 2 together with its new iPhone in July . At the moment all rumors although their origin is a person with a history of successes.

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